Relax Villa


Relax Villa

The ML Green Land project is pleased to introduce a new member, Relax Villa, a separate type of villa divided by a fence. In terms of size, it is spacious with 450 square meters of land with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces. The Relax Villa is designed to suit your tastes, preferring a modern lifestyle beyond the house, but a place where you can relax better with the large backyard and side of the house. Spacious to facilitate garden decoration, sitting area, playground, meeting place, fish tank, swimming pool as needed.

Land Size

15m x 30m

House Size

9m x 15.32m

House Storeys

2 Floors

House Area

291 sq m


4 Bedrooms


5 Baths


2 Cars

Terrace & Verandas

263 sq m Terrace & 3 Veranda

Design Aesthetics


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